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Portland, Oregon

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The Department of Art at Portland State University, Oregon’s largest and only urban university, offers a Master of Fine Arts degree in Contemporary Art Practice with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Studio Practice. With focus on the relationship between research, production and presentation, the Studio program is a tutorial investigation that encourages the exploration of ideas through the experience of making. Whether students combine media or concentrate on a single medium, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography or video, a framework of critical seminars, and an engaged community support their inquiry.

The two-year full-residency program offers additional opportunities for dialogue through an active lecture series of nationally and internationally recognized visiting artists. An intrinsic part of the curriculum, the MFA Studio Lecture Series, a visiting artist program paired with in-person lectures, affords students extended contact with artists, curators and scholars at the forefront of contemporary art in a setting that encourages the exchange of ideas and practices. Additional seminars in writing and research, professional practices and a comprehensive teaching practicum foster a challenging atmosphere for diverse exploration.

Applicants to the Studio Practice program are invited from a variety of backgrounds, preferably but not exclusively with BA or BFA degrees in the fine arts. Enjoying strong ties with the larger community, the Studio Practice program fosters a challenging atmosphere for diverse exploration, allowing students to pursue investigations at the forefront of contemporary art practice.

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