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HELLO. WE ARE COLOUR ME FILMS, a creative film and design studio.

Nice to meet you!

To tell you a little about us we're a boutique production /design/animation company devoted to everything on screen. Commercials, film, TV, online or gaming -You name it, we're into it.

Our award-winning team of directors, producers and animators take a unique script-to-screen approach, combining live action, animation and design to create a production that conveys your message and captures your own look and feel.

With a post and production under the same happy banner. We like to think of ourselves like the perfect bowl of porridge. We’ve got the mix just right.

So that's our story. We’d love to hear yours.

Why not drop us a line, send us a brief, or email us love letter. We’d love to get to know you. But just so you know, our Producers don’t always go all the way on the first date.


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