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Hi, my name is Aimee!

I recently finished my MBA, at the University of Notre Dame. My Bachelors is Management from Pepperdine University. I have about seven years of experience in Business Design, Modeling, Writing Business Plans, Designing Websites, Digital Marketing and generally helping companies of all sizes, GO & GROW. I been based in California most of my life, but have traveled and worked on most continents. This summer I am excited to work for PEPY in Cambodia, an NGO focused on improving Education for some of Cambodia's poorest rural communities! I will be analyzing & hopefully redesigning their overall digital communications strategy, but specifically focusing on their digital fundraising campaign.

Other FUN STUFF: I love Design & Technology and am a total Design Geek including: interior, fashion, print, infographics, web, fine art, product, strategy, and business models. I think I must have interited a geometrically-minded brain, because even when I was very young, I was always fascinated by charts, graphs, and maps. I am also passionate about circus arts, dance, and other incredible feats of the human body. I've practiced Yoga for about 15 years and have been teaching for about 10.

Finally, I love cats, especially my tiny, all black cat named Twilight (after the time of day and her predecessor "Midnight" -not the novels/films). I seriously won the pet-lottery when I adopted her. She is AMAZING.

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