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Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan

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Dragon Wagon is led by Mandolin Virtuoso Troy Radikin and Guitarist/Singer Don Sicheneder. With multi-instrumentalist Rich Delcamp, Michael Bustos on bass, Fritz McGirr on percussion and the amazing Diana Ladio on fiddle, their live performance thrives with originality, humor and expert musicianship. Dragon Wagon truly is Michigan Roots music at its finest. Their sound can be described as bluegrass-folk rock with a shot of Irish Whiskey. Dragon Wagon thrives while playing live and never disappoint with their honest music and genuine crowd connection. They have played across the country, have been featured in many festivals and are currently nominated for a Detroit Music Award. Dragon Wagon is sure to bring an infectious energy that gets the crowd dancing and laughing along with one of Michigan’s premier Roots Music outfits. Hold on to your hats and get ready for a boot-stomping good time!

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