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Paco began his career with stints as a French teacher, and translator and then he travelled the world as a photojournalist for the Spanish agency AFA de Comunicaciones where he filed reports from such exotic places as Kenya, Taiwan and Colombia for prestigious publications such as the US news and World report (USA), The Observer (UK) and Paris Match (France).
In 1990, he founded PPM Multimedia where he spent 10 years working in distribution and co-production financing as well as executive producing several animated series for children. He has produced as Executive Producer for FILMAX ANIMATION the following animated feature films “El Cid: The Legend”-“P3K Pinocchio 3000”-“Gisaku”- “Nocturna”, “Donkey.xote” and “The HairyTooth Fairy I & II”. He is acting as consultant for the international Theatrical and Audiovisual sector for MEDIA TRAINING & CONSULTING, the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute and as an expert of the Media programme.