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  1. Pine Tree Pictures

    Pine Tree Pictures Plus Massachusetts


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    I am a filmmaker and photographer with a Master of Fine Arts degree. Recording stories is my passion. Whether it's a couple's love story or a baby's new beginning, I can't help but want to capture their special narrative. I love working with people. I am inspired by each unique personality…

  2. MFA Photo/Video

    MFA Photo/Video PRO New York, NY


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    The MFA Photography, Video and Related Media Department at SVA is the premiere program for the study of Lens and Screen Arts. For over 24 years, this fine art program has produced remarkable graduates who have flourished as exhibiting artists, journalists, and commercial artists, as well as curators,…

  3. Jennifer Thibault
  4. maggie shannon
  5. Gemma Lopez

    Gemma Lopez New York City


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    New York based artist working in photography and video.

  6. Bess Rowen

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