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Flight Klubb also known as FK are a hip hop duo that consists of brothers Tevon “City the Professor” Dominguez (19), and Kimbro “Be Easy” Dominguez (20), both born and raised in New Orleans East. The duo found an interest in music at the early ages of 9 and 10, which is when they also began composing music. Growing up they were heavily influenced by the rap group Outkast, and various other genres of music such as punk rock, R&B, and jazz, which seemingly reflect the style of music they create. Since becoming an official group in 2009 Flight Klubb has took advantage of the numerous oppurtunities they’ve had to perform. Flight Klubb has opened up for artist such as Juvenile, Tyga, and Young Money. Flight Klubb have also performed at a variety of open mic showcases around the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. Flight Klubb has released two official mixtapes to date Welcome to the Purple Planet (2009), and Frequent Flight Mileage (2010) both available for download on datpiff.com. Flight Klubb is currently hard at work on their follow up mixtape entitled #2wiceasFly (2011). While knowing they have a long road ahead of them in the music industry, Flight Klubb knows that with hard work, consistency, and dedication their journey has just begun.
Welcome to the Purple Planet (2009)
Frequent Flight Mileage (2010)
#2wiceasFly: The Introduction (2011)


Jay Dinero x Flight Klubb – SB’z

Flight Klubb – Everywhere We Go

Flight Klubb - Morning


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