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Lost on the streets of New York City, a crochet girl must decide what is real before her crochet world unravels.

YARNANA is an explosive film experience, featuring the 'Crochet Madness' of New York artist, Olek. Her most notable work to date has been crocheting the iconic Wall Street bull, a Banksy tribute and various bikes and carts around the city. She is currently creating a sculptural environment for the Smithsonian Museum in 2012.
YARNANA is a narrative short film Inspired by the silent film genre. It relies solely on powerful music, sound design and physical expression. It features a diverse cast of dancers, skaters, capoeistas, mermaids, a crochet cart man, and various New York personalities. Shot around the East Village and Bushwick, it captures the always changing and always fascinating streets of New York.
YARNANA is 20 minutes of romance and adventure where traditional storytelling becomes unraveled.


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