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I work as a Foreign Affairs Correspondent for Norway's independent public broadcaster TV2. During my almost 18 years on the road I've been covering conflict, politics, tragedy, scandal and sometimes happy stories from all corners of the world. As my craft is to make good TV reports out of injustice, misery and death, some will perhaps think of me as a cynical formalist. I, however, think that empathy and storytelling may be combined. My journeys have given me a profound belief in the power of the human soul, and the strength of individual resolve in the face of sometimes hopeless odds. I burn for the freedom of expression, and the freedom of political choice and hope that some of my stories may have opened some peoples' eyes to the importance of respecting fundamental human rights. In my portfolio here I have added some of the stories I'm most proud about. Most of them are in Norwegian, but I do hope that English speakers will nevertheless grasp their main meaning. None of these stories would have been realized without my colleague and friend Aage Aune.
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