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Leah Cameron is a writer, director and graduate of the American Film Institute's MFA Conservatory Program in Los Angeleeze. She has studied sketch comedy at the Second City, Hollywood and directing at the National Screen Institute. Her films have played international festivals including Palm Springs, CameraImage in Poland, The East End Film Festival in London and the Short Film Corner in Cannes. Last year her short modern-day musical, SUBWAY HARMONIES, played onboard all Air Canada flights!

Leah is Canadian, hence the canoe pic and ability to speak Franglish. If you have a problem with that, well then she is sorry aboot that. Make that very sooory indeed.


  1. Lindsay MacKay
  2. Matthew Frost
  3. Smythe
  4. Alex Molenaar
  5. John Winter / Producer
  6. H. Kristen Campbell
  7. Jovan Gasovic
  8. Pacifier and Blowpipe
  9. Luca Del Puppo
  10. James Adolphus
  11. Brett W. Bachman
  12. Ruben Sebban
  13. Lauren
  14. Luke Harris
  15. Matthew Nauser - Cinematographer
  16. Katherine Sheehan
  17. Ely Kim
  18. Ray Fenwick

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