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We are a not for profit arts organisation aiming to broaden the perspective of textile arts to other art forms such as performance, dance, music, written word.

SIT works to create opportunities for artists to develop their creative practices.

SIT has a strong commitment to increasing the understanding, appreciation and pleasure of textile art and the related crafts. SIT works to increase audience numbers and access to our year round programme by removing the barriers which may prevent people from becoming involved and engaging with our activities.

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  1. joy merron
  2. ky clegg
  3. Laura Negus
  4. Richard Foot
  5. Moira Buckley
  6. Paul McHugh
  7. cas holmes
  8. Karen Donnellan
  9. Leah Borromeo
  10. imagineear academy
  11. Pervasive Media Studio
  12. Victoria and Albert Museum
  13. ben landau
  14. R&A Collaborations
  15. yesenia Thibault-Picazo
  16. Matthijs Kwak
  17. Royal College of Art
  18. Alex Turvey

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  1. WOWser how exciting exhausted watching all the creative activity well done acp
  2. Great films - thanks for allowing embedding - have added some to volunteer-run Stroud Community TV to help promote this fantastic festival and trail.