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Ekene Som Mekwunye is a Director and Producer for both Film and TV. He recently wrote, co-directed and produced a short film titled 'Oblivious'. He is also the Executive Producer. It’s his second short film and the first to be shot in Nigeria. His first short film was shot when he was a film student at NYFA Universal Studios in LA. He has been involved in TV production since 2003 when he started as a Camera and Production Assistant. He has also been vitally involved in some major productions all in Africa. He produced Jara and 53extra for 2 years for Mnet Africa. He also produced and directed Volt and Introducing for the music station, Channel 0. All these programs are big programs with a global audience especially in Africa. He is presently the Project Coordinator for Shuga, An MTV production. He is also a content Developer. He designed and produced the program 'Music & vibes' and 'A day with' and is working on a couple of others. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring. He is also about to start lecturing pro bono at his Alma Mata, The University of Lagos as his way of giving back to his society. He loves to travel, meet new people and watch and talk about football. He is happily married with a cute son.


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