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My name is Steve Joseph and Future Tomorrow is my online moniker through which I showcase multi-disciplinary work done for large and small brands as well as self exploratory ambitions. If you see something you like or think I can be of help on your next awesome project or just want to say hi shoot me over a line.

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  1. Sounds good! Let us know if you still run into issues.
  2. Thanks for your response Ian. Turns out the computer at the agency didn't have the latest flash driver or browser. I think that should fix it. Will try again this week.
  3. What's odd is that the video behaves much better in this site and not Vimeo. Just went out for coffee and a snack and it is now behaving - http://www.cgmotionbox.com/2012/01/unfolding-polygons-using-mograph-in-cinema-4d/
  4. This has been ongoing for months now for me. It doesn't matter whether I watch the video here on Vimeo or on a tutorial site. Nor does it matter if I use Safari or Firefox. At home or at work. Vimeo Videos need to be constantly rescrubbed or restarted.…