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A distinguished motley crew of five coordinated misfits whose mission is to give you an exclusive, lux, sometimes scandalous rare glimpse into the hottest VIP parties and clubs and the cutting edge on all things fabulously chic in the house music, culture, and fashion scenes.

The Firm presents an international outlet, an epicentre for the house, electronic, and urban musical enterprises as well as an inside glance into the IN's and OUT's of the nightlife scene.

While focusing on the professional side of urban nightlife, The Firm is hooking you up with our connections and bringing you the latest, hottest, and most detailed account of the top Dj's, Producers, Club Promoters and Owners worldwide.

The Firms passion, dedication and allegiance is governed towards spotlighting the music scene at large, and uniting us all together.

If you are in the Entertainment industry The Firms MO is to promote YOU, if you are a Dj The Firm will provide you with EXPOSURE galore, if you are an industry promoter and hosting events, The Firm will communicate to YOUR audience.

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