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MOTION ONE was born as Ricardo Estrada in Los Angeles, CA in 1980. Growing up as a native to Long Beach, CA exposed him to various walks of life and trends. Having his first artistic experience coming by way of Graffiti Art in his ealy junior high school life. An introduction that would ultimately root itself deeply within him, eventually leading to the adoption of the alias MOTION ONE. In his early art career Graffiti and Comics took center stage. Always making sure there was enough markers and sketchbooks around. Motion is a self taught Fine Artist whose artwork is owned by JAY Z amongst many other private collectors. He has shown his art in many Fine Art Galleries throughout the US. Having also entertained many spectators while doing his live at venues and various events. Always taking time to answer any questions they migth have. Specializing in Oil, Acrylic and Digital Works. He uses any tool available to create beautiful rendered artwork. From a traditional paint brushes, airbrush, digital works, and everything in between. A thirst for knowledge has always fueled him. His introduction to an Airbrush was in 1994. Four years later he began learning Acrylic paintbrush work and soon after Oil as well. In 2000 he introduced digital work into his skillset. Adding 3D Sculpting and Animation to his resume. Since then he has worked as a Creative Director / Designer for companies like: Hurley, Disney , Tribal Gear , Triple 5 Soul , Deicth Projects and many others. When it comes to the world of 3D Modeling and Animation he has left his mark at : Activision , Oddball Animation , and Blur. Working in both traditional and digital formats allow him to blend both of his worlds into his work.

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