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Tom has been passionate about lively and transformative communities of faith for thirty-­‐‑one years of ordained life. Originally ordained as a Baptist, he studied ecumenical approaches to church growth and leadership development in eight very different cultures from 1980 to 1986. Later, he explored liturgical renewal and culturally sensitive evangelism, especially in Korea and Japan. His undergraduate studies focused on new leadership models for the 21st century, as well as the power of storytelling and metaphor to transform communities, compelling them to take courageous action, together.

He has led two church plants, twenty years apart and is quick to point out that he has learned from his failures (as well as his successes) in church planting and congregational renewal. He is certified as an Executive Coach as well as a Process Consultant and offers his gifts as a Strategist and Communicator via a compassionate coaching delivery style. Since his ordination in the Episcopal Church, Tom has studied the impact of postmodernity on worship and the arts, as well as on organizational development. He has revitalized a campus ministry, served as a Rector in three very different parishes, led a turn-­‐‑around process in a rural Maine ambulance service and served as the Vicar of a diocesan homeless ministry.

As the Episcopal Church Center’s Missioner for New Church Starts and Missional Initiatives, Tom consults with diocesan leadership teams across the Episcopal Church. His training and consulting focuses on the nurture and
support of leaders committed to congregational redevelopment, well as sponsoring and sustaining new forms of ministry. He facilitates assessments and skill development for leaders at all levels, choosing to work primarily within intentional Communities of Practice. Though he primarily offers his ministry in person, he is also certified in online curriculum development for graduate level learning communities.

Reverend Thomas L. Brackett
Episcopal Church Center
815 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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