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Hello, My name is James Mackie and I am the screenplay writer, producer and director of KARMA my full feature, (over 18 years of age), animated supernatural, murder drama movie.
Working in association with the brilliant MOVIESTORM group of animators, this movie took one and a half years to make. This movie is unique in some respects being that there have been very few animated movies produced based on serious adult themes such as murder. I have written nine full feature screenplays and two novels. I am also a music composer / orchestrator-arranger and have written nine Easy Listening orchestral albums under my stage name: AURALIS. see me on: cdbaby.com/Artist/Auralis under music. I also wrote the music score for KARMA. I also write fiction novels and books. 'To Snare A Fox' & 'Operation Jackdaw', and a football book: 'Fergie's Proteges' . Find me under books and music as James Mackie and Auralis: at Amazon.com

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