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  1. 8HourDay commented on 3 Days in Dubai
    Absolutely beautiful. Shared at http://www.8hourday.com/3-days-in-dubai
  2. I had to ban glitter at my house. Ever since the glitter outbreak of '08. Shared at http://www.8hourday.com/the-history-of-glitter-etsy
  3. 8HourDay commented on MonkeyMoon!
    Very nice animation, shared here http://www.8hourday.com/monkey-moon-3d-animation-short
  4. 8HourDay commented on subprime
    This was really great, shared at http://www.8hourday.com/the-history-of-american-houses
  5. Simply amazing... Shared at http://www.8hourday.com/amazing-illustrations-brought-to-life