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  1. Saign, My estimates r based on me just buying 2 pounds of resin at £15, 2 pounds go beeswax for £13 and a couple pounds of plaster of Paris for a fiver
  2. So before the cost of the sheet metal......we're talking a grands worth of pitch! On top of labour, skill and
  3. Saign One day would you do a tutorial on how to repair tears and holes when repoussing copper, something very common with newbies like myself. Many thanks Phil
  4. Spoke too soon, well enjoyable using me new liners and punches but quite a few splits here an there. Anyhow, have a grand new year my friend, Love will conquer, Phil and jackie'n'little Luke
  5. Thanks mate, I've been learning on 0.7mm so not far off. Hope to see more of your talent, which is well appreciated . Phil