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Washington DC

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Creating over 30 websites per year as the Director of Interactive Strategy & Development, I am responsible for turning marketing strategies, visual designs and copy into fully functioning websites and other interactive media. Leading a team of designers, technical developers and vendors I determine the right technologies and processes for interactive media development, manage the production and quality control process, and ensure Streetsense is providing users with a leading-edge interactive experience consistent with Streetsense’s heritage of innovation.

Playing the critical role of providing the ability to build fully functioning websites, mobile & social media sites, videos, apps and other media, while ensuring we are utilizing the best processes and technologies to deliver exceptional experiences to our users.
Keeping with the Studios strategy of organizing for functional excellence, I provide deep expertise in interactive media technical development and production, I am also responsible for providing the production capacity and capabilities to meet the communications needs of the organisation.

*Publication credits include: Jose Andres Cookbooks "Tapas" and "Made in Spain", Mary Haft "Nantucket: Portrait of an American Town" Kike Arnal "In the shadow of power".

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