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  1. Get This Gallery

    Get This Gallery Atlanta


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    Get This Gallery is located in the Midtown neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia and is owned and operated by Lloyd Benjamin. The gallery was founded in January of 2005 and exhibits emerging and established contemporary artists working in varied practices and in all media. The gallery also offers access to…

  2. whitespace gallery
  3. Lisa Biagiotti

    Lisa Biagiotti PRO Los Angeles, CA


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    Lisa Biagiotti is an independent journalist and filmmaker. She is currently a Sundance New Frontier Fellow. Lisa directed and produced the feature documentary 'deepsouth' (2014) on poverty, HIV and LGBT issues in the rural American South. She has produced documentaries and digital content for…

  4. mg

    mg Plus


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    Michael Gregory www.tyrrhenianmedia.com www.mgregory.us michael@mgregory.us

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