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  1. Riverdoc commented on Apple TV
    Noli, I tried that twice. It didn't work for me.
  2. Riverdoc commented on Apple TV
    Tommy. The Watch Later and Likes from my private channel were showing up until about a week ago, but they don't now. In other words, I'm having the the same experience as Janet. Also, judging from other posts, we aren't the only ones. Did Vimeo…
  3. Riverdoc commented on Apple TV
    OS build version 6.0.1(10A831); Apple TV software 5.1.1(5433). It just started, and I did not recently do an Apple TV update.
  4. Riverdoc commented on Apple TV
    The rest of Vimeo works on my Apple TV, by the way. It's just the "Watch Later" and "Likes" that don't.
  5. Riverdoc commented on Apple TV
    To reset the Apple TV? Yes, I did that, but it did not solve the problem. I still can't see my "Watch Later" videos and "Likes" will not update and add anything new.
  6. Riverdoc commented on Apple TV
    Having a similar problem.. except vimeo was working fine...THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN... vimeo on "watch later" didn't work at all. It says "unavailable." and "Likes" don't update on the Apple TV. This happen suddenly! Tried restarting. unplugging etc.…
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