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I joined to make videos for my own music and music for other visual projects.

GOG bridges noise, drone and instrumental performance within a dark hard-to-define genre of music, it's sounds have been described as "abstract avant blackness", "blown out black-bliss" even "blackened psychedelic doom-drift drone". A decent into a great yawning abyss that is often made entrancing by distant melodies and lush rumbling whirs, yet "feel(s) organic to the point of drawing breath". Web magazine Maelstrom describes GOG's album Mist From the Random More, as "an exquisitely powerful and uncommon album that is in its own right a triumph of sound". GOG has worked with multi-disciplined artist Collin Stinson and created the sounds for his sculptural installation Heavy Fierce Brightness that was displayed in Oakland California's Chandra Cerrito Contemporary gallery. Most recently he has collaborated with Type recording artist William Fowler Collins in their forthcoming release Malpais on Utech Records. In addition to working with Utech Records, GOG has worked with fellow label-mates Locrian and their imprint Land Of Decay, releasing all previously out-of-print GOG releases on double cassette.

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