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Maya Media Studio, a family owned studio, offers you photography and cinematography services that capture every special, tender moment. Using a unique blend of creativity, technical skill and a rich cultural background, Alejandro Medina takes your formal and spontaneous portraits to a level that is a caliber above the rest. Born an artist, he has spent his life developing his craft, earning a Bachelor (of Art) in Visual Arts. Learning is a life long process and he continually strives to push his creativity in new directions. Personalized, detail oriented service offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy YOUR day.

Maya Media Studio (CAN) (adj.)
1.- Heart. (sensor), Eye. the best optic.
2.- Essence (life) 
3.- Life (to immortalize)
4.- Memory 5.- Melancholy
Irresistible sensation to keep a moment memorize it and never let go.
" Keep your Moments".

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