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Italian-Peruvian, born in Ica, a town south of the capital of Peru, on September 10. From an early age he became interested in music and drawing, playing bass in a band he formed together with his classmates.

Playing music style grunge, punk, hardcore, new metal, performing together with other local and national bands. This experience marked his life and his passion for music, which has endured to this day.

His passion for music was so strong that he decided to pack his bags and leave for Europe, where he studied sound engineering at the world renowned SAE Institute in Madrid. Here he obtained his Diploma in Audio Engineering and continued on to obtain a Bachelor in Recording Arts, living and breathing in the world of sound recording completing a program of over 4000 hours of study and practical work.

He has worked for Spanish bands like “Conjunto os Folkgazais”, “Cama de Folkga” as a studio assistant and also sang vocal harmonies on “Louguís”. He also recorded and mixed “Surrender” and “Soho Nights” for the group The Tuscany Valley Experience, as well as producing and editing a music video for the song “Soho Nights”.

In addition, he has assisted in the recording and mixing of various tracks for singer Jose Ruiz, including songs like “Kilometros que faltan”or “Respirando”.

Apart from working in recording studios, he has participated in the audio post production and live sound recording of several short films and web series, several of which have been broadcast on Spanish TV, such as “Diarios de la Webcam” or “Las Crónicas de Maia”.

He is currently residing in Manchester, UK, where he has come to seek new challenges, although he also continues working on Spanish projects.

Experience working with: Mackie DXB, Solid State Logic G4000 +, Control24, Yamaha 02R, Crest Audio CV20 32. And mounting equipment stage like triangular and square truss, grand support, moving heads, scanners, video projector, LineArray system. It also works with Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Seven, Pro Tools 8, Logic Pro 9, Final Cut Pro 7.

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