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Shwmae, my name is Neil Mansfield. I am a photographer based in South Wales, just a stones throw from the Brecon Beacons National Park. I am married and have a four year old little boy. I’m old enough to have seen Concorde fly and young enough to know that Astro Wars, Texan bars and choppers should still be on sale on the high street. I spent many years in London, but reside now in my hometown of Cardiff. I love folk music and Dylan and the more I write this bio, the more I feel it would actually be better placed on a lonely hearts column. Mountains are my love, so any ad would probably be misplaced unless any potential partner existed in the form of large sloping mounds, perhaps it is best if I stop there!

The Brecon Beacons are my real home, I spend hours walking the hills, the winter months are my favourite time of the year. I love nothing more than packing a rucksack, heading up the A470 and jumping out in the dark, with a headlamp, map, a flask of coffee and a Texan Bar. I blame my Mum, she was a frustrated mountaineer and I have picked up all the traits of exploration from her. Actually, blame, couldn’t be further from the truth, in all honesty exploring the hills is what gives me life and soul. I breathe deeply in the mountains, I release, exhale and absorb. The release comes in many forms; creative ideas flow and making pictures becomes a free flowing subliminal action.

I am wondering if eating two chocolate eclairs whilst writing my bio has given me some comedy stand-up powers, the truth of it is this: I am a fairly chilled out fella, who is lucky enough to be living his dream, unlucky enough to have experienced some tough times, but happy enough to enjoy making the most of three pieces of carbon fibre, a dark chamber and the outdoors.

Siwrne dda! Behave on the mountains and watch for the Gwyllion!

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