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For me animation is a budding new art form, unlike film which has it’s set genres, animation has much unchartered territory and is the frontier for mixing mediums, genres, introducing new characters. I am drawn to the medium because I am able to reinterpret first nations culture through it in a new and fresh way. I am also interested in the experimental nature of animation, with live action filming the camera is the focal of the art form, in animation the possibilities are endless, one can go from hand drawn to flash to stop motion to rotoscoping. One of the ways that I like to draw the viewer in is through the layered experimental techniques to compliment and reinforce my story telling.

In my culture dancing, singing are forms of storytelling, personally it has always amazed me how a dancer can tell a story through his movements and his regalia. I all ways wondered if I was the only one that understood the story that the dancer was telling. The way that the body can tell a story through its movements intrigues me. In my practice I strive to infuse the sense of a body and a spirit into an in inaniment object such as a doll. I want to create the same facet of story telling but instead through a doll. By taking the traditional sensibilities and lifting them into a modern arena I hope to make the culture more accessible to people, and in doing so taking the realm of traditional arts out of the arena of the museum or the art gallery and back into a working and functioning part of aboriginal every day life that is adaptable to the modern life style.

In animation there is an idea of edit first and then animate, although that process is proven and I enjoy working within that framework. Also I enjoy the idea of free form of expression. One can take the different elements or moving parts of the animation and rework them. When bringing a character to life and allowing creative breath to be breathed in there is room for the character to reveal parts of itself as you work with it, and may not be as stagnant as you once thought it might be on the preliminary stages. I believe that this is the goal of every character animator, to create life in a character that they themselves have manufactured. In my practice that is my ultimate goal.


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