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Tomorrow Management is a Scandinavian consulting and artist's representation agency with offices in Copenhagen and New York. Our specialization is advertising and fashion photography, film, hair and makeup, illustration, styling and interior design. We represent a distinctively selected group of photographers and creative talents and work with a wide range of global fashion brands, companies and advertising agencies.

See selected work of our artists under photos and videos, or surf by our website for more info:

Photographers: Flora Hanitijo, Jens Stoltze, Katrine Rohrberg, Mads Teglers, Mattias Edwall, Mikkel Russel, Sean McMenomy, Signe Vilstrup

Stylists: Kathrine Agger, Souvanni Asmussen, Kristoffer Sakurai

Hair & Makeup artists: Henrik Haue, Kirsten Kjær Weis

Hair artist: Søren Bach

Illustrators: Ulla Puggaard, Souvanni, Henry Obasi

Cinematographer: Kristina Demant

Interior designers: Leif Sigersen, Sidsel Zachariassen

Contact us:

Anne Marie Mondrup / agency director /

Jacob Valbo Jensen / project manager /

Mads Jensen / producer /

Julie Ugleholdt Pedersen / project assistant /

Liliana Markey / project assistant /

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