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LINDA ALBU - How did I become THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™ ? Since January, 2007 and with Necessity being the Mother of Invention, I have been approached by many Music Artists, Actors, Film Makers, Radio & TV professionals, Writers to help manage, promote and grow their careers. I possess various schooling and a working background in Mass Media & Communications, Radio News Reporting, TV & Film Production and Fine Arts. Add extensive experience and training in Real Estate in both Canada and the USA, plus high involvement in community activism. All have helped me to understand and foresee client needs while employing ethical, effective, strong organizational communications, networking, marketing strategies and skills

I have been working daily for seasoned artists as well as for serious, aspiring artists - maintaining their visibility by dramatically expanding Local, National and International Internet Presence. Up until then, there were literally no 'internet publicists' of any kind working the internet. That is how I became 'The Original Internet Publicist', which prompted me to start my Facebook Fan Page then this website and subsequently more Fan pages, Groups and other sites on behalf of my clients and their Worldwide Fans.

"I Found That Niche - Or Rather, That Niche Found Me" my brief way to describe this little phenomenon. I also realized that many of our skills we 'think' disappear from earlier years only remain 'dormant' until we, something or someone wonderful, helps us reawaken and encourage their regrowth. Then, that is when we discover these 'old skills' really can 'morph' into ideas that truly become New Realities.

(c) Copyright 2016 Linda Albu aka THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™. All Rights Reserved.

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