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Adriana González-Vega is a Latin American filmmaker, whose attention lies on socially significant films. Inspired by real accounts she aspires to provoke discussion and change the perspective of her audience. As a child she became interested in the arts from drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography. While in high school she participated in both: “La Liga de Oratoria en Español de Puerto Rico” and the English Forensics League of Puerto Rico, as well as founded the school’s CineClub and worked as an actress in the film “Lucía, Ignacio y otras historias” directed by Marcos Zurinaga.

She received her B.F.A. in film at Syracuse University (SU) in 2012, where she developed her interest in psychology, philosophy, and photojournalism. Through her active participation at the Slutzker International Student Center she was able to broaden her perspective and understanding on other cultures.

Adriana González-Vega is a complete filmmaker. Her voice as an artist is clear paying close attention to details and story, as well as focusing on marginalized characters and above all making films with social and cultural significance.


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