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Dancer. Singer. Lover. Fighter (lol) Party Animal ! ♥ :)


  1. Mechanical Dummy

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  1. I love to see the real chris brown. The vulnerable and genuine side is why we love you. Forget what anyone else says ! #TeamBreezy4life
  2. I love you too, with all my heart :) ♥ Thank you !
  3. Love it, you really go in... ♥
  4. I know when i like a song when after the first line i go and i quote, " Ayyyyyyeeee" (just did that) follow me on twitter... @LyricalLuve
  5. I F*cking Love It ! #Fortune #May 8th we gone make it #1 !!!! #TeamBreezyPDX for life
  6. I dont care what nobody had to say bout him, chris really has straight bars on Gawwwwdd !!!! lol