Calgary Public Library Job Posting

Calgary Public Library Job Posting

Paul McIntyre Royston from the Calgary Public Library Foundation. For more information, contact Paul at


Tara Smedbol

This is a wonderful video. It gives me goose bumps to feel your passion and listen to what you say about the role of the CPL Foundation and CPL in general. Books and community spaces, such as libraries, are indeed vital to our connection to learning and to one another.

Wonderful video. Thank you for posting this with your job advertisement.

M. Staples

Libraries have no boundaries and do not discriminate. Everyone can come together to discuss and learn anything from air to zebras under one roof. I believe a library is vital in the support of growth of this city. The Library is accessible for everyone from children being given the opportunity to learn about the world they live in to new Calgarians engaging in a new community to mature citizens learning new activities and interests and staying connected to the community.
Libraries are very affordable places to meet and grow through the various programs, services and reading materials for everyone in the Calgary community.

I looked up Tenacious in YOUR Dictionary (on-line) and here are the two examples they gave;
1. An example of tenacious is a person who lives for another twenty years with a terminal disease.
2. An example of tenacious is the way a lady bug goes after its garden prey.
Has the library been tenacious over the past 100 years? Have the programs and services grown despite staff and budget cuts, limited space and with the availability of different electronic ways to answer questions and read books? Yes Mr. Paul McIntyre Ryston the Calgary Public Library has been tenacious and living through the electronic age and continually being creative within the confines of its structures and embracing change and never forgetting all those that make up our community. Thank-you and congratulations on your first hundred years Calgary Public Library!