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'Bongomatik Your Life' is the second album of this 10-piece band.
Since their first release in 2011 they have grown up quite a bit during many live concerts, radio- and TV-appearances. With this new album Bongomatik serves an extremely refreshing mix of Latin, Soul, Pop, Funk and Jazz again. Their music is always groovy and danceable. At the same time filled with jazzy improvisations and unexpected twists, you can just sit back, listen and enjoy.
'...a refreshing cocktail...' [Jazzism]
'...what do we need more?...' [JazzFlits]
'...probably the nicest band from Holland [...] pleasure is bursting off the music...' [Buma/Stremra]
'...How-nice-is-that!...' [FileUnder]
...'for sure, this band will turn your program into a party...' [Het Parool]
'...Bongomatik makes a fairly insane mix of lots [...] Bongomatik stands for feel-good and creative lifestyle...' [Vera Vingerhoeds]

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