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B² productions consists of Sarah Byrne (producer, puppeteer, editor) and Ruby Boutilier (Director,writer, camera). Our goal is to create fun, accessible, collaborative short films that bring out the hidden talents of our local film community.

Our first submission here is "Ken Fucks Up", the firs part of a trilogy. It started as an in-camera edit, super 8mm short. We had 1 roll of film and one weekend.We loved our result sooo much we decided to add sound, and clean up a few shots. (but the majority of this final edit is footage from the original roll)
We want to celebrate small crews, zero gear, creative solution story telling. The look, the camera choice, the puppeteering, and the sets were all discussed in detail ahead of time and were executed exactly how we wanted.

every moment of making this film was an absolute joy. We laughed continuously and remembered how fun filmmaking can be.


  1. Tree
  2. Ruby boutilier
  3. Martin Hellmich
  4. Jeff Wheaton
  5. Dan Buchanan (14tooth)