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  1. I am not liking the new Vimeo GUI. You guys are trying to look like Facebook. No! Don't ditch Vimeo by trying to imitate facebook. The reason why Vimeo has it's own unique community is for the very reason that it has it's own identity. The new layout
  2. Yeah I think it's just you. I actually prefer that the QUICK tips are less than 5-6 mins. I am sure you will come to appreciate this as well when you consider that he could have made this tutorial 15 minutes long.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. Don't know how I could have thought it was expressions!
  4. Hi Joshua! Very nice animation! May I ask how you animated the multi-color elements around the circle? Was that expressions? Very curious.
  5. bbby commented on Shattering
    Nice work Alex! May I ask how you achieved the wavy dots that form around the circle around :05? Did you use some type of expression in AE? Very curious.