Elmer Cañas Jr.

Irving, TX

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I’m a Singer, Song-Writer, Musician, Producer, Graphic & Video Designer, Recreational Athlete, Husband and Father of a highly gifted baby boy. My full-time occupation is Worship Pastor at a rapidly growing church in Irving, TX, Calvary Church. (calvarychurch.cc) Where I’m privileged to use my musical gifts and creative ideas to enhance our weekly worship experiences. All the way from the songs we sing, media, visual arts, etc.

Born in raised in Los Angeles, CA I have been challenged with adapting to culture in the South (Dallas, TX), but it has been fun, exciting and rewarding. Continue to check out my blogs to find out more about me. I am very transparent. If you have any specific thoughts you’d like for me to share on please feel free to comment or email me at ecanasjr@gmail.com.

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