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Emanuele is a Italian Ph.D biologist, photographer and scientific communicator mainly focused on small creatures, conservation of nature and scientific-photography. He traveled to the tropics to find and photograph many of the less known microcosm species, to raise awareness about their prime role in the ecosystems survival. His work (both articles and pictures) has been published in various magazines around the world (BBC wildlife magazine, Geo Magazine, Terre Sauvage, Rivista della Natura and others) and his pictures are found in various publications. Emanuele also organizes numerous courses and nature&photography workshops both in Italy were he lives and in foreign countries, where he always applies his method: “know your subject and only then take pictures”. He also works with some Italian television channels as a nature presenter (Rai, Mediaset) and he’s the curator of scientific expositions. On 2011 one of his pictures was awarded as “highly commended” in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

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