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Cape Cod MA

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Bike rider who likes to film and edit.i live on cape cod, its a ok place to live but the winters bring snow and beer and the summers bring beaches and beer, so finding time to shred is hard some times so i think ill build a box jump for the beach so i can chill with my friends and ride at te same two hours from highland mountain, rye and have jumps in my yard.i live with two or three friends that are just as crazy as myself. i ride for a canadian company that goes by the name of Dobermann bikes. they are nice bikes i enjoy the ride. i work for my dad as a roofer, hes a machine on the roof and has been a machine on the roof for way to long. i think i need to find a way to make money so he can work for me because machines brake and braking is no fun. I fractured both my legs at the same time racing MX flatbottoming a tripple in practice three days into summer when i was 16. i fractured my foot in like six places one time and fractured my T8 vertebrae after missing a barspin. im over getting hurt. i enjoy riding my street bike because its badass to be commuting and have so much fun while doing it they decided to call it illegal.
THINGS TO GET DONE:Win a major slopestyle event,learn sweet new bike tricks,flip a dirtbike, tripple flip a bike because i want to know what its like to do somthing that no ones ever done before, slinky a hundred set of stairs,learn to shred my guitar, have a fundraiser for the cancer society,get way more tattoos


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