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Studying Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester, this channel includes the first film I ever made (embarrassingly the first time I ever held a video camera!) and hopefully, by September, will include my graduation film...


  1. Josefine Bingemer
  2. Lara Stephenson
  3. Trunk Films
  4. NERD TV
  5. Sheffield Doc/Fest
  6. Jenni Smout
  7. GCVA Manchester
  8. Jacob Harbord
  9. Erminia Colucci
  10. Tracey Thornborrow
  11. Tanja Wol
  12. Gussy Sakula-Barry
  13. Alejandro Valencia-Tobon
  14. Manchester OKCafe

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  2. Thanks Mark. And with regards to whether it is possible to convert our account from pro to plus?
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    Yes, it will stop playing.
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  6. Vimeo PRO gives you unlimited on-site Plays and up to 250,000 embed Plays. Add-on packages of 100,000 Plays are available for purchase in our Vimeo Store. If they are viewing the video on-site, it should be fine. If the video is embedded it will…