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The year was 1972 and New York City was beginning to crack. A city encapsulated by social disorder and deprivation, what many saw was irreversible decline. NYC would go on to re-define itself, capturing the imagination of people all over the world. That same year, PONY would emerge, embodying the ‘never say die’ attitude of NYC.

Pony’s founder Roberto Muller clearly defined and established an ethos delivering quality functional footwear, with authentic and unpretentious values. From Madison Avenue, Pony had a desire to produce “future” footwear & apparel classics built for the harsh city, with the athletic attributes needed to compete on field & court. By the 1980s Pony would be adorned by many leading athletes who defied the odds and challenged convention.

As Pony moves forward, it seeks inspiration from a new generation of resilient and determined creative entrepreneurs that are re-defining the cultural landscape on their own terms. Through collaborations, connections, and a dedication to the original ethos - what defined Pony’s formative years inspires and represents its future.

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