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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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U probably know me already, if not, u can't know me through a web site...

Have been born and raised in Dhaka. Had changed 3 schools as I can remember.
First was the Shishumela Kindergarten.
Then at class 3 got admitted to "Adhunik Uccho Biddaloy", a whole year of hell in my life...
Then transferred to my mom's school (mom being a teacher) "A.K. High school And College" and passed my SSC there.
Got admitted in NDC for college and then went for BSc in BUET.

Always had a gap with friends in school life for my mom being their teacher. So a lonely childhood.

My dad's a banker in Agrani bank.
Did art and music from childhood, was TV star( ;-) ) 2 years of my life (BTV)

I try some photography, but till not confident enough. Though I'm very passionate about this and study and capture whenever I can spare an hour. Very soon I'll be joining the professional field in photography. Portrait, Macro and HDR are my Genres.

I love playing with colors, I just love arts.

Always "AAJIB" ideas in my head and somehow I manage people to help me get those in reality... :P:P:P

Trying to do a short research on "Passenger Vessels" of our country as well as foreign one's, though our teachers are not appearing to be of much help.

Starting from Feb, 2011, I'm researching "Determining the flow pattern around a hydrofoil using Source Panel Method" if you know what I mean. This is a relevantly neglected topic of Naval Architecture and only a few people has ever worked on this. So it might turn out to be something really big. Let's see what happens.

Also in the way of researching "Problems in Education Systems of Bangladesh" and make a documentary on it. Though Financial and Human Resource Problem has nearly stopped the process.

I have found a new passion of mine, Cinematography. Thanks to Rashed Zaman for his big inspiration and of course to Ashiqur Rahman for being the biggest support ever. We two (me and Ashiq) has made a film Hri-2: Tahara of 40 mins length and hopefully will be working a lot more in future.

The BUET Film Society was kind of DEAD and we two are trying to make it active again and has founded a new club under the BUETFS. It's called BUETFM (FM meaning Film Makers) as before Hri-2 no film has ever been made under the Banner of BUETFS.

I think that more or less covers meh...

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