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We are one of the few surviving private records of Arms and Lineages, encouraging the registration of Lineages and the diffusion, research and use of Arms as complimentary elements to enrich the identity of an individual and their lineage. We are a non-profit organization located in Argentina, South America, and our Dean Chronicler of Arms and founder is Dr. Martin G. Vázquez, certified Expert in Heraldry and Vexillology from the Heraldry Institute of Buenos Aires. We still have the ability to provide advice on the creation of a Coat of Arms or evaluate Arms upon request, issuing on both cases a Letter of Arms –in English or Spanish– containing the private certification of the Arms, and subsequently registering it in our Armorial and publishing it to make it known. We also compile and register information regarding your lineage back to up to four generations in the form of a family tree in our Certificate of Lineage, where you can store this valuable personal information.

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