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  1. Robert Vowler

    Robert Vowler Hershey, PA


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    For over 20 years Robert Vowler worked in various capacities at Hershey, culminating in his role as CEO for the final twelve years. As CEO, Vowler grew the Trust asset base from $2.6 billion to $8+ billion, led a $1.5 billion diversification of assets, and increased the Private Wealth Division revenues…

  2. Kewho Min

    Kewho Min Arkansas


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    Kewho Min is a true professional who is exceptionally energetic and continually eager to go the additional mile. In his senior roles, Kewho has overseen billions of dollars and coordinated new acquisitions running up to $3 billion in local and global net resources. Kewho Min writes about personal finance…

  3. George McDonald
  4. Claudio Alpaca
  5. WERI-events

    WERI-events RUSSIA


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    Weri is fighing against the lack of appropriate structures required for the survival of populations in third world or war-ridden regions. Access of drinking water point, decontamination , electrical power and landmines clearance.

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