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Computer book author. I wrote a book on iPhone development called "iPhone SDK Programming: A Beginner's Guide" I also wrote the book called "Objective-C for iPhone Developers: A Beginner's Guide."

There are many videos without sound. These are the videos for the iPhone Book. The objective-C book videos all have sound. Sorry, I mistakenly thought not including sound would increase the desire to buy the book. The revision, coming in about 6 months *will* have sound. If you find one without sound, then find out what written text it goes with. In some cases it will be a book, in others, it will be something on my blog.

I am posting video tutorials here to share. But I reserve copyright on the videos. I hope you enjoy. Visit my blog or website for more iPhone SDK information. ** And your mileage may vary, always check the tutorial's date, and ask yourself if you think it is up-to-date. If it's an older tutorial, then be certain to check other sources after watching it.