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Generation is a group based out of Gainesville, Florida which is dedicated to performing sketch comedy. The group was established in Spring of 2006 by Richard Gonzalez a student at the University of Florida and a member of the largest collegiate improv troupe in the nation, Theatre Strike Force. Richard decided to put on a sketch comedy show after seeing a sketch show put up by Mr. Josh Bright. The first Generation sketch show, O America Where Art Thou, was a total success packing the house two nights in a row. The second, Hard Knock Life, did exactly the same to equal success. The third, Then, Now and Soon, was the first free show on campus and established 282 as the room to be for sketch comedy. The helm was given to Chris Mullet for the fourth show, Bears, and it was, arguably, the best sketch show UF has ever seen. Generation's fifth show, The Best Policy, played to over-capacity crowds both nights and kept the train chugging. The sixth show, "Crime and Punishment," was another stellar show that added to the quiet legacy Generation has begun to create. Now, Generation is considered the premier sketch troupe at the University of Florida and looks to take that even further with its future shows.


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