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Perth, Australia

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Hello! My name is Hossein and I'm from Singapore. One of my biggest trades is my sense of adventure. I believe in stepping into the unknown and leaving one’s comfort zone, hence my initial decision to step into the challenging world of film. I enjoy solving problems and finding unorthodox solutions. I take pride in what I do and I believe in being resourceful in order to achieve the best outcome possible.

With that said, my short-term goal is to continuously build up my skills, be it design based or communications related. I believe that learning is a continuous journey and I would love to learn more from other people’s experiences. I absolutely enjoy listening to stories and I feel that everyone has a unique story to tell. My job is simply to present it visually in a way that both captivates and awes the audience. In the long run, I hope to rake up the mileage and present a fabulous story of my own.


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