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Ty Lattimore is an American actor, model, director, producer and photographer.

Ty Lattimore was born in Oakland, CA. Lattimore began his career as a print model. After initially declining to do pornographic films, he changed his mind after doing a feature spread in an adult magazine. He has posed for various photographers such as Hopeton Stewart, Ken Kavanagh, Chuck of NYC, Sylvester Q, Brian Lantelme, Butch R. Blanche, Marty Colucci, Lawrence Miller and others.

He has appeared in several nationally distributed magazines including SBC (Los Angeles), Nuances (Philadelphia), MaleBox (DC), and several times in Black Inches.

Lattimore was also an extra in a few mainstream films such as Metro (1997), starring Eddie Murphy.

Since 1997, Lattimore has performed in over four dozen films. Usually, a stand out performer in mostly all-black gay videos, Lattimore has achieved a rare cross-over success into interracial and big budget productions. He is admired for his passionate and intense scenes with his male co-stars. He has worked for companies such as Vivid, Catalina Video, All Worlds Video, Bacchus, and Brush Creek Media. He also has worked for some smaller production companies such as Pleasure Productions, Erotic Men, Attic Men, Chocolate Drop Ent, and DC Bandits.[1][2] He has posed for numerous centerfolds and wrote a successful column in Black Inches Magazine for three years.[1]

In late 2004, Lattimore formed his own production company, Ty Lattimore Entertainment. Ty Lattimore Entertainment was formed to feature gay men of various races, ages, body types, and complexions.[1]

In 2007, in addition to Ty Lattimore Entertainment, Lattimore formed Throttle Media to focus on more fetish oriented gay sex. The line is more hardcore and contains fisting, leather, watersports, and other taboo sex acts.

Ty is featured in singer Anthony Antoine's music video "Who's Rocking Your IPOD?" which debuted on Youtube in March 2009. In May 2010 Ty Lattimore was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Blatino Erotic Awards in Palm Springs, CA. Announced in June, Lattimore was nominated for Best Director in 2010 by FlavaMen Blatino Awards.

Additionally Lattimore is pursuing photography and been featured in several art shows. Ty Shot This was formed in 2007 for his photography projects.

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