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Massimiliano Sappa is an Italian, writer, director, producer, editor ...- but he can't juggle for his life. He has worked with high calibre people such as Peter Faiman (director of 'Crocodile Dundee') and along the way met the likes of Mark Turnbull (EP of 'Two Hands' starring Heath Ledger). Right now, he works as aTV editor for the ABC Australia.

I am aiming to make at least 1 film and 1 TV Series per year. To accomplish all of this I am still looking forward to meeting the perfect writer/producer/collaborator (i.e. a Lawrence Bender, Scott Mosier etc etc). Needless to say, I have several projects/scripts in different stage of development.

I am very persistent and I will find YOU!

Feel free to shoot me an email on:

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