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Massimiliano Sappa holds a BA degree in Cinematics film studies which he obtained in London in 2005. In the last few years he has refined the craft by working on personal and professional projects between London and Australia. He has been lucky enough to work with high calibre people such as Peter Faiman (director of 'Crocodile Dundee') and along the way met the likes of Mark Turnbull (Executive Producer of 'Two Hands' starring Heath Ledger ). Right now Massimiliano works as an editor for ABC Australia on a number of shows. He strongly believe that to be an effective writer director one's has to perfect the art of cutting. The sense of pace, rhythm and flow are invaluable tools to understand the mechanics of storytelling.

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  1. Brilliant! Simply brilliant. Looking forward to the sequel ' Picking up the pieces'.
  2. This short is great, it's fantastic, it's wonderful...and...erm...yeah... it's mine... cough, cough...