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Create new possible scenes that could contain the (r)evolutionary actions needed to transform reality
Express and spread the rejection against the hetero-capitalism
Question reality and its irrational rationality
Reach an upper human knowledge of conscience through all this in order to re-evolve

Seted by Alexis Muiños (performer and musical composer) and Serafín Mesa from Spain (video editor and animator). The group is formed after their meeting at the "1st. encounter of new artists" celebrated in 2011 at Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Studio do Gozo begins with the song "Reevolution is my boyfriend" composed and produced by his Argentinean members which starts from a sentence in the film The Raspberry Reich by Bruce LaBruce. Serafín Mesa had generated the video clip and an art-book from the process of production. The members work in the scenic field and they have been collaborating with each other in Spain, through distance and now in Argentina where Serafin is living temporaly.

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