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Flynn Witmeyer is a writer, actor, filmmaker, and electronic musician based in San Francisco.  He is the lead singer for the synthrock band SEX INDUSTRY (recently named one of SF's "favorite local acts" by KTVU).
Since 2007 he has gained popularity as a live performer in underground theatre and nightlife events, including lead roles in Elastic Future's "Beautiful: A Theatre Party," Raya Light's "Halloween: the Ballad of Michelle Myers," and regularly featured spots at RED HOTS BURLESQUE (SF Bay-Guardian's "Hottest Happy Hour in the Bay," Fridays @ El Rio) & BOOTIE SF(Saturdays @ DNA Lounge).

His first film, Imp of Satan (2008, short), debuted at at the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy portion of the San Francisco Independent Film Festival series to a sold-out crowd.  It was praised for its high production values and camp sensibility, prompting one reviewer to remark that it "[saved] the queer horror genre from mediocre types hell-bent on tearing it down."

He is currently developing a solo music project called CORPUS HIDEOUS, which explores themes of body dysmorphia and heavy kink, as well as a collection of short stories and poetry.

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